Spanish Conversation Workshop

The Spanish Conversation Workshop is a session with Spanish students, during which, after different stimuli (a short film, a song, a news article, images or others…) the professor will serve as a guide to get the people involved in interacting in Spanish, to state opinions, to debate and definitely, to speak in Spanish.   To […]

A Spanish school in Bilbao opens its doors

The past Saturday, October 31st, LINCE Spanish School –our newly opened Spanish school in Bilbao– celebrated its official Grand Opening party. We opened our doors for many friends, friends of friends, past Spanish students and new ones also…For all the team it was such a pleasure to warmly welcome everyone and share with them this special […]

Learn Spanish in Bilbao without dying trying

It’s clear that learning a new language is always something exciting. Fellini once said: “Every language is a distinct way to see life” and without a doubt, of all the “new eyes” we can give ourselves, the Spanish ones are some of the greatest. The Spanish language is precious, filled with colorfully rich sounds. By […]