Frequently asked questions

1. Our School:

How big is the school?

LINCE Spanish School is a small school with 30-40 students per week depending on the season.

Where is the school located?

LINCE Spanish School is located in an exceptional central location in the city of Bilbao, a few minutes walk from the Moyua Square, the heart of the city.

What is the average age of students?

The average age is between 20-50 years old, although there are always people older and younger perfectly integrated into our courses

Who are the team mates of LINCE Spanish School?

The team consists of young professionals, dynamic and highly qualified with many years of experience in teaching Spanish as a foreign language.

2. Inscription

Until when can I register?

Until the Friday prior to the beginning of the course, subject to availability.

Do I have to pay a deposit to reserve my place?

You will pay a 50 € fee to enroll and book the course.

What happens if I cancel the subscription before starting the course?

If the cancellation by the student is received 7 days before the course starting date or more, LINCE Spanish School will refund the total cost of the program (if the payment has been made in advance) except for the registration fee. If the cancellation is received less than a week before the course starting date, LINCE Spanish School will not refund any amount, but the student will be entitled to take the course to another date.
No cancellation made through a non-written communication will be accepted. For security reasons, you can not make cancellations by phone.

Under no circumstances will the money for the course be refunded once the course has begun.

How I can pay for the course?

You can pay by cash, bank transfer and credit card.

What is included in the course fees and tuition?

Registration, course book, information about the school and Bilbao, Internet access and WI-FI in school, certificate of attendance and level achieved (our courses do not lead to the obtaining of an official title). Loan service of books, movies.

Is any travel insurance included with my course?

No. All students of our courses are covered by a policy of liability insurance. LINCE Spanish School is not responsible for accidents occurring outside of the school (eg. In accommodations or during excursions) and for the theft or loss of personal property on our premises, or diseases, both inside and outside of the school. For this reason, we recommend hiring an insurance policy in their original country.
Healthcare:  the European Union Citizens are insured by the state insurance fund for accidents and diseases. Before traveling, you must apply for the EHIC (European Health Insurance Card ) at the local office of your insurance.

Those who are not citizens of the European Union need to apply in their country of origin, for an international insurance policy that is valid in Spain.

Is there a minimum age for participation in the courses?

No, people of any age can come to learn Spanish in LINCE Spanish School.

3. Our courses

How long does each class last?

Depends on the course.

Do I need to have a level of Spanish to do a course?

No, if you have no knowledge of Spanish, you can take the appropriate course of A1 (beginner).

When can I start the course?

Every Monday of the year. But if you are a total beginner is better to ask.

What levels are there?

We offer six levels that include the European Framework of Reference [A1 and A2 (basic), B1 and B2 (independent), C1 and C2 (proficient).

Will the classes during holidays will be recovered?

There are no classes on the days of national or local holidays. These classes are not recovered except in the case of individual courses.

Will I obtain a certificate at the end of the course?

When the course is completed, LINCE Spanish School gives a diploma certifying the number of hours attended and the level obtained.

4. Accommodation

What kind of accommodation do you offer?

Our school offers its students different types of accommodation: hostels, shared apartment and host families.

How much notice do I have to give to book?

To ensure availability, the sooner the better.

Can I book extra nights?

If available, there is no problem, but we can not guarantee (48 hours - limit).

Where are the accommodations?

Very close to our school.

Who should I communicate my arrival time to about my accommodation?

To the school. After the necessary steps we will contact you and will communicate it to you with sufficient notice (during the week prior to your arrival).

Are the bills (water, electricity ...) included?

Yes, all of them.

Which responsibilities does the school have if there is a problem?

LINCE Spanish School will try to make your stay as pleasant as possible and if there is any problem, our school will solve the problem.

5. Bilbao

Where is Bilbao?

Bilbao, north of Spain, is the capital of the province of Biscay, in the autonomous community of Basque Country.

How I can get to Bilbao?

Bilbao has an international airport with flights to various European cities. If you come from another continent, you can get to Madrid or Barcelona and take a flight to Bilbao. The estimated arrival time is approximately one hour.

Is it a tourist town? Is it expensive?

Bilbao is not known for being a tourist city such as Barcelona and Madrid, although more and more and more tourists come to visit it. It is not an expensive city and its quality/price ratio is very good.

How is the public transportation?

The city of Bilbao has excellent public transportation that allows you to reach all the places you want. It has an excellent service of urban and intercity buses, light and long distance rails, tram and metro.

6. Visas

How do I know if I need a visa?

If you are from a country in the European Union you do not need visa, however, for other countries, it is needed. If you want to be sure, ask the embassy or consulate of Spain in your country. Usually it's not necessary for less than  3 months.

Where is it possible to apply for a student visa?

The student visa application must be submitted personally, in official form, in the Spanish embassy or consulate of the country in which the foreign person resides. In case of minors, the application must be presented personally by a parent or guardian or by a duly accredited representative.

What is to be verified to obtain a student visa?

  • The validity of the passport or travel document for the whole period for which a visa is requested
  • The admission in an officially recognized public or private school
  • The content of the curriculum which is going to be followed
  • A medical insurance covering the whole period  of their stay in Spain, the medical expenses and repatriation due to an accident or sudden illness
  • The provision of means of subsistence and accommodation which are enough to cover the period requested and, where appropriate, to ensure the return to the country of origin and, in the case of minor students, the authorization of parents or guardians.

How does the residence permit last?

It will last the same as the course in which the student is enrolled.

How long does it take to grant a student visa?

It depends on each country, but the average estimated time is one month to two months.

Is it possible to renew the residence permit?

Yes, if you decide to extend your study period in Spain.