Spanish Conversation Workshop

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The Spanish Conversation Workshop is a session with Spanish students, during which, after different stimuli (a short film, a song, a news article, images or others…) the professor will serve as a guide to get the people involved in interacting in Spanish, to state opinions, to debate and definitely, to speak in Spanish.



To whom is the Conversation Workshop directed?

-People who don’t have time to follow a standard Spanish course
-People who don’t have confidence to unwind conversationally in Spanish
-People who want to practice Spanish in a more relaxed surrounding

Objectives of the Spanish Conversation Workshop:

•    Provide confidence with the language to the participants
•    Progressively grow Spanish fluency
•    Use Spanish to talk about real life topics
•    Motivate Spanish conversation in a spontaneous and natural way
•    Spend an enjoyable time practicing the language

Spanish Conversation Workshop at LINCE Spanish School

•    Date: Friday December 4th, 2015
•    Time: 19:00 h
•    Levels: Starting at A2
•    Duration: 2h (approximately)
•    Price: 9 euros /person
What will we do in the Spanish Conversation Workshop?

In the conversation workshop next Friday, December 4th, we will use as a starting point, a very well-known Spanish short film. We won’t reveal its name because we need to keep it a surprise for the workshop! Starting we will use a series of dynamic activities to interact in Spanish in a natural, spontaneous and entertaining way.

If you dare to come and spend a little time talking in Spanish, we’ll be waiting for you!
*Important: Keep in mind that we will be accepting reservations until December 2nd.

To reserve your spot for the Spanish Conversation Workshop click the link.

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