Learn Spanish in Bilbao without dying trying

It’s clear that learning a new language is always something exciting. Fellini once said: “Every language is a distinct way to see life” and without a doubt, of all the “new eyes” we can give ourselves, the Spanish ones are some of the greatest. The Spanish language is precious, filled with colorfully rich sounds. By learning Spanish you will convert the adventure into something even more passionate.


But how and where should you learn Spanish? Well, those of us who feel passionately about our valley can’t recommend anything else for you but to learn Spanish in Bilbao! Like they say here, ¡Es la ostia! That being said, just like in any place, Bilbao also uses a few (or many) other of its “own words” that they never teach you in Spanish class, but that appear often obligating you to know for your survival. Hear we leave you 5 secret words that you will not learn in the classroom, so that you can learn Spanish in Bilbao and not die trying.

Aupa: form of greeting
It is used to say “hello” or “good day” and generally when you wish to initiate a conversation after the greeting. More commonly used is “aupaaa” with the final ‘a’ extended, especially when it is said upon meeting someone in the street with whom you are going to talk.


Zurito y Caña: drinks
A caña is a beer and a zurito is half a beer. It’s that easy!


Pintxo-pote: social activity
To go for pintxo-pote, consists of going in a group to eat and drink but in an informal manner. You go to a bar and you order a pote (small drink) and a pintxo (a mini portion of food). Afterwards, you repeat this, bar after bar. A few bars include promotions on a certain day for the “pintxo-pote” in Bilbao, and they have special prices.

pintxo-pote - bask-culture

Bote: collection of money
A very common form of paying in groups of friends, each person puts the same amout of money all together and they go around using it to pay for each round until it’s used up. This collection of money they have all put together is the “bote.”


Txiki: cute nickname
Literally meaning “small,” it is used in general as an affectionate way to refer to a close friend or kids.


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