General terms and conditions

1.Conditions of registration:

By filling out the registration form duly signed and / or by making the payment to book a course, the student agrees to the terms and conditions set forth herein.

The course fees include:
Registration fees, course book, information about the school and Bilbao, information about free cultural activities, Internet access and wifi at school, attendance and obtained level certificate (our courses are not valid to obtain an official title), the right to loan books, movies and music CDs.

The course fees do not include:
Transfer to / from the airport, travel insurance, extraordinary cultural activities organized / managed by school, registration fee for DELE exams.

If you came to LINCE Spanish School through an agent, their terms and conditions may be applied to you; LINCE Spanish School reserves the right to make our own terms.


The days of national and local holidays 2018 are as follows:

  • January 1st and 6th
  • March 19th
  • Easter
  • May 1st
  • July 25th and 31st
  • August 15th and 28th
  • October 12th
  • December 6th, 8th and 25th

The days of national and local holidays 2019 are as follows:

  • January 1st and 6th
  • March 19th
  • Easter
  • July 25th and 31st
  • August 15th and 26th
  • October 12th
  • November 1st
  • December 6th, 8th

These days the school will be closed and therefore no classes will take place. These classes will not be made up.

3.Enrollment and payment:

A registration fee of 50 € is required. (except for those programs exempt from this fee). Check Prices.

To book a course, it is crucial to pay the registration fee in order to reserve a place. A new customer record will not be open until the proof of payment, as well as the registration form, are not received. You will receive your confirmation of your stay within a maximum of three days.

If we don’t receive these payment within the established date, we reserve the right to cancel the booking. Rember to indicate your complete name when you make the payment.


Upon receipt of the registration form, we will e-mail a confirmation of your booking along with the details of the course fee.

Type of product Payment details
Intensive Spanish course Enrollment FEE: in advance. Required, in order to book the place.

Payment of the course or class: Minimum advance payment, before the start of the course or class.

Payment of 100% (+ Enrollment fee) to enjoy the discount based on the purchased weeks/reserved hours.

Intensive Spanish course + Activities
Business Spanish
DELE preparation course
Private classes
Private classes -Packet 10-Offer
Evening classes Enrollment FEE: In advance. Required, in order to book the place.

Payment of the classes: Minimum advance payment, before the start of the classes.

There is the possibility of paying every week. In that case, each week you must pay 100% of the week (two days).

Spanish In company – classes Enrollment FEE: in advance. Required, in order to book the place.

Payment of the classes: 100 % of the total classes in advance.

Spanish course for teachers (ELE) Enrollment FEE: in advance. Required, in order to book the place.

Payment of the course: two installments.
1º – 50% At least one week before the start of the course.
2º – 50% Two weeks after the start of the course.

Spanish classes via Skype
Spanish classes via Skype -Packet 10-Offer
Class payment: Minimum advance payment, before the start of the classes.
(Attache payment receipt).Payment of 100% in order to enjoy the discount according to the reserved hours.
Spanish course for school groups Payment of the course: two installments.
1º – 40% six weeks before the arrival in Bilbao.
2º – 60% before the start of the courseThis amount will be paid by the group leader. And it refers to 40% of the total amount of the program (including all persons).
Advanced Spanish course for teachers (ELE) Payment of 100% of the course, at least one week before the start date.
Type of product  Payment collection details
Accommodation in Hostel Enrollment FEE: in advance. Required, 15 days before.

Payment of accommodation fees:
60% one week prior to the arrival date.
40 % upon arrival at the school.

Accommodation in Hotel
Accommodation in Shared flat Payment of accommodation fees:
60 % or one week – one week prior to the arrival date.
40 % or rest of the payment- upon arrival at the school.+ 60 euro deposit upon arrival at the school.
Accommodation in Host family
Half board or full board
Airport pick-up Pickup- Service: Payment of 100% in advance one week before arrival.

Transfer to the airport- Payment of 100% in advance until 3 days before the service.

Discounts and promotions are only valid for full course payments. LINCE Spanish School reserves the right to cancel the registration if the payment is not made within the stipulated time period.

Always send us a copy of the receipt of the transaction: Please include your name and the type of course requested. The bank charges are borne by the student.

GROUPS program: in order to book, the institutions in charge must pay 30% of the final price at least six weeks before the arrival.

The discounts are not cumulative and they all have a validity period. They can not be used in combination with others and only apply if the necessary conditions exist at the time of enrollment. The discounts which are available after the first registration are not valid.

Promotional offers: To be valid, they must be communicated to LINCE Spanish School at the time of enrollment and / or reservation.

LINCE Spanish School is not responsible for any charges on the bank transfer. Payments must be received in full amount. Please instruct your bank to transfer the total amount and all the corresponding bank charges.


Number of students per class: max 8.

LINCE Spanish School will assign the student to a group suitable for his/her level. Any change of level and / or time must be approved by the Head of Studies and is subjected to availability.

We will inform the student on his/her schedule at the time of registration or once the results of the placement test are available. However, we reserve the right to change it in accordance with our organizational needs.

Course attendance and maintenance group:

It is the responsibility of the student to attend all classes and perform in this course. If it does not occur (it will be verified by achievement tests and teacher evaluation) or if he/she does not attend at least 80% of the course, LINCE  Spanish School reserves the right to assign the student to a different group and level if necessary.

Schedule and make-up of classes:

For the intensive classes in the morning:

Missed classes without proper justification will not be made up.

For evening classes:

The students of the evening classes will receive the schedule when the test level is received. LINCE Spanish School reserves the right to change the schedule or postpone classes in the case of unforeseen circumstances.

If for justifiable reasons you miss classes during your course and you have advised the school of these missed classes, you can make them up at the end of the course by talking to the instructor or administration beforehand.

Private classes, In-company and Skype:

In case of cancellation of a private class or schedule change, it may be made up only if the administration department is informed through a written communication (email) 24 hours before (or a business day) the start of the class in question. With less than 24 hours notice, the class can not be made up later on.


Classes that match national or local (Bilbao) holidays will not be made up and will not be refunded.

Cancellation, delay or interruption of a course: 

LINCE Spanish School reserves the right to cancel classes if on the student’s day of his/her arrival, he or his agency has not paid the full course, accommodation and other contracted services.

The long-term students who wish to temporarily interrupt their course for holiday must inform the school at least 15 days before the interruption of the course. This interruption is subject to the approval of the school.

If the cancellation by the student is received 7 days before the course starting date or more, LINCE Spanish School will refund the total cost of the program (if the payment has been made in advance) except for the registration fee.

If the cancellation is received less than a week before the course starting date, LINCE Spanish School will not refund any amount, but the student will be entitled to take the course to another date.

No cancellation made through a non-written communication will be accepted. For security reasons, you can not make cancellations by phone.

Under no circumstances will the money for the course / accommodation be refunded once the course / accommodation has begun.

For students who have received a letter of invitation and visa has been denied, the registration fee will not be refunded. LINCE Spanish School is not responsible for any charges on the bank transfer when refunding (pay-back) tuition payment. The refund will be made when presenting an official letter from the consulate where the student’s name, passport number and the type of visa requested (with date, stamp and signature) are clearly specified.  Under no circumstances will refunds be provided to students who have applied for and received a certificate of registration which may have been used to obtain a visa or its renewal.

In case of cancellation, the standard rates of LINCE Spanish School will be applied. For example if, when reserving course, the student receives a discount for long duration and after he cancels his/her course, the discount will be lost.

LINCE Spanish will not refund any amounts if the student begins but does not end the course.


The cost of accommodation includes: the selection and preparation of the accommodation and the permanence. In shared flats, linen and towels are not included.

Reservations for double rooms are only accepted for people traveling together. The student will not be refunded in case he/she postpones or cancels the accommodation after the permanence begins. If the accommodation is cancelled less than 15 days in advance, management fees will not be refunded.

In the case of host family accommodation, the family is committed to providing student accommodation in accordance to the established conditions during the whole permanence, as well as to promoting language immersion.

The school is committed to find a new accommodation for the student in the shortest time if the family and / or the student express their refusal to continue living together for a valid reason.

The student agrees to respect the rules of coexistence of the family and the conditions for their entire stay. If a student is directly responsible for any harm or serious damage caused to the flat, the family will assess the amount of the damage and notify LINCE Spanish School. Also, a representative of LINCE Spanish School will visit the apartment to check the extent of damage with the family and establish the validity of the amount claimed. LINCE Spanish School will notify the student the amount to be paid.

The double rooms are for students who have previously requested them and book together. If a student requests a double room and is alone, he/she will be accommodated with someone of the same sex and different nationality or mother tongue. The families will not accommodate students who have requested a single room in double rooms, except after notifying the school, nor students who have requested a double room in single rooms.

If the student requests a change in his/her housing family without any reason, a fee of 30 € will be applied. On request, the changes are only possible if there is availability. If this involves additional costs, the student will be informed and must cover these costs before the change is made.

Except in exceptional cases, all changes made to the housing will be made after 12 am on Sunday.

The  student  will have to accept the rules of accommodation (family, hotel, apartment, etc.). If not respected, he/she may be expelled from the accommodation.

The student will have to pay for the replacement of broken items due to negligence or intent. If there is damage and nobody is directly responsible, the repair costs will be divided among all the students who live in the flat or residence.

In case of a serious disciplinary offense, a repeated bad behavior, the student will be expelled from the accommodation contracted with LINCE Spanish School and will not be entitled to any refund.

If a student decides that he / she wants to postpone the dates or take a break from any program, the accommodation can not be canceled under any circumstances.

LINCE Spanish School reserves the right to change at any time any student accommodation.

A deposit of 60 € is required for stays in shared flats and with host families. The deposit must be paid on the first day at school by credit card or debit card. The deposit will be refunded to your credit card once you have left the shared flat and LINCE Spanish School has received the keys and your room has been satisfactorily inspected *. Please note when part or all of the deposit could be withheld:

  • The room is not left in a clean and tidy condition
  • The student has damaged some furniture or part of the facilities of the shared flat

* The deposit will be refunded within less than a week after your departure.

6.Transfer to/from the airport:

Collection services at the airport. The prices are applied for a single journey transfer (to / from airport to / from accommodation or school) and are per person.

The student must communicate his/her arrival time at least 5 days before. Any changes must be communicated to LINCE Spanish School. We will not be responsible for the collection if the change has not been notified at least 24 hours in advance. In case of changes made 24 hours before to arrival, after the school office business hours, the student should contact directly by phone (the number will be provided previously) the responsible for his/her transfer. Otherwise, LINCE Spanish School will not accept any responsibility for collecting the pupil at the airport and will not refund any amount.

The person responsible for the transfer will wait for a maximum of 60 minutes after the estimated time of arrival at the airport, if the student does not appear or does not contact him /her, the service will be canceled. However, the student must pay the service.


For students from non-EU Countries. European Union Citizens do not need any visa to attend the courses. Non-EU citizens (countries outside the European Union) must obtain information on the requirements for studying in Spain at a Spanish Embassy or Consulate. On our website you can find instructions to get visas. To obtain information, visit the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

At least eight weeks are usually required to confirm the visa.

If the student requests a confirmation letter from the school to apply for a visa, the full payment of the program and the housing must be done before the school to send the requested documentation. This payment can only be made by bank transfer.

Once LINCE Spanish School receives this total payment, the confirmation letter will be sent to the address provided by the student. If he/she prefers the documents to be sent by courier (eg UPS), he/she will have to prepay the postage. This applies to both individual students and group programs.

The student is responsible at all times of the process of visa application, LINCE Spanish School is never responsible in cases of visa refusal.

If a student can not attend the course due to a visa refusal, he/she has to present the official document of denial (with date, seal and signature) issued by the Spanish Embassy or Consulate, where his/her name, passport number and requested visa are clearly specified. In order to ask for a refund of the pre- prepayment, a notification of the cancellation is to be sent to LINCE Spanish School in writing (with the denial document) at least 7 days before the course starting date. For these cases, the same conditions explained in the section COURSES are applied.


All of the students of our courses stay covered by a insurance policy of civil responsability. LINCE Spanish School is not responsable for accidents that happen outside of the school (for example: in housing or excursions), the same applies in regards to the theift or loss of personal ítems in our facilities. For this reason we recommend you make insurance policies in your country of origen.

Medical insurance: The citizens of the European Union are insured by the state insurance fund for accidents and diseases. Before traveling, you must apply for the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) of the local office of your insurance.
Those who are not citizens of the EU need to apply for an international insurance policy that is valid in Spain.
Liability insurance (student): LINCE Spanish School strongly advises to verify that all students have adequate liability insurance (covering cases of claims filed against them) and requires students who stay in host families or shared flats to have one.

Liability insurance (company): LINCE Spanish School has accident insurance and liability insurance that covers possible incidents and minor accidents at school.

Ownership: LINCE Spanish School does not accept any liability for loss or damage both within LINCE Spanish School and in their accommodations.

9.Admission or expulsion:

In the case of serious disciplinary problems, repeated misconduct or violation of Spanish law, the student will be expelled from school and accommodation contracted with LINCE Spanish School without the right to any refund.

Violating or disrespecting other students or employees of LINCE Spanish School (eg for religious, gender or sexual orientation) may lead to the expulsion of the student.

In case damages are caused to third parties, all the expenses claimed from LINCE Spanish School that are caused by the above-mentioned incident will be charged to the student, who is not entitled to any further claims.

Complaint forms according to the official model are available from the school, to the students or their legal representatives.

LINCE Spanish School is not responsible for printing errors that may appear or for errors in publications by third parties about LINCE Spanish School.

10.Personal data:

  1. In accordance with Law 15/1999 on Protection of Personal Data, we inform the student that, by signing this document, he/she allows the data provided in the registration process to be included in a file owned by LINCE Spanish School S.COOP. Pequeña. This file is aimed to the academic, financial and administrative management of the student, which is necessary for the organization and development of the training activities in LINCE Spanish School.

Furthermore, we report that during the time that the student is enrolled in the center, pictures of the students can be taken and used in the composition of graphics or video graphic archives, such as class photograph and other material, in order to inform about and / or promote various activities organized by the School through publications on paper or inclusion in the Web site, on social networks and by publishing information brochures of LINCE Spanish School S.COOP.Pequeña, unless stated otherwise by the student on his/her arrival at the school.

The image processing of the student is made with serious respect for the person, in accordance with the Organic Law 1/1982, of May 5, on the Civil Protection of the right to honor, personal and family privacy, and personal image, eliminating any pictures or films that may undermine these fundamental rights. The images are not used for purposes other than those expressed, nor are transferred to third parties, unless authorized treatment.

  1. Disclosing and providing personal data. Payment of tuition fees through banks or financial institutions necessarily involves the communication of personal data to such entities. In turn, this data will be transferred to the ministries or agencies, schools or institutions collaborating in our programs. Likewise, data requests coming from the public administration to LINCE Spanish School S.COOP.Pequeña will be attended. In any case, assignments will be made in a regulated way, the data provided for purposes other than those on which collection can not be used.

III. Exercise of rights. With regard to the personal data provided, the student can exercise their rights of access, rectification and cancellation by sending a letter to LINCE Spanish School S.COOP.Pequeña Group Sto. Domingo No. 11, Bajo, 48006 Bilbao (Biscay), Spain or via e-mail to the following address:

Similarly, to the above mentioned addresses, the students may manifest at any time, opposition for LINCE Spanish School S.COOP. Pequeña, and entities directly related to it, to the send any commercial communications.

11.Terms and scopes of the current general conditions:

The current General Conditions apply and are attached to the special conditions set out in the specific program of the contracted course.

The General Conditions shall apply to any course the student enrolls in, from the date of signature of this contract, so that, except if modified, these shall be applied to the courses and programs the student may subscribe to in the future, by agreeing to the Specific Conditions of each course, ie, by signing the specific program of the future course subscribed by the student.

When the General Conditions of this contract are amended, they will be updated through the various documents of Specific Conditions of each course; these variations will enter into force from the data reported in the Special Conditions containing them.

Any bookings or payments confirm the acceptance of these terms and conditions.


For any dispute arising from the interpretation or performance of this contract, the School is expressly subject to consumer arbitration system, through the related Consumer Arbitration Board.

LINCE Spanish School takes no responsibility for cases of force majeure (according to law) or for students’ actions.