Spanish Lessons – Regular Present Subjunctive

The Spanish Present Subjunctive is one of the most complicated mood for Spanish students. Here at our Spanish school, we recomend you follow our video series about the Spanish Subjunctive, so that you can learn/review it’s content ouside of class. Regular Present Subjunctive In this part we are going to talk about the formation of the […]

Learn Spanish and discover Hispanic Culture

# 2 La Malinche, Heroin or Villain? In LINCE Spanish School we constantly address cultural topics and today, we are sliding over to Mexico, one of the first countries of the Spanish Conquests lead by Hernan Cortes. In particular, we are focusing on the figure of La Malinche, a nahuatl women that opened the new […]

Learn Spanish in Bilbao…and many other things!

Learning Spanish in Bilbao is a unique adventure, a way to do it in the form of immersion like no other: being in direct contact with natives, participating in the parties and regional traditions (there are more than just a few) and discovering first hand, what no book will teach you. In LINCE Spanish School […]