Learn Spanish in Bilbao…and many other things!

Learning Spanish in Bilbao is a unique adventure, a way to do it in the form of immersion like no other: being in direct contact with natives, participating in the parties and regional traditions (there are more than just a few) and discovering first hand, what no book will teach you. In LINCE Spanish School –as if there isn’t any other way- we have already told you 5 reasons to study Spanish in Bilbao, but we understand that in Spain, far and wide…there are multiple scenarios that can be interesting ways to experience learning Spanish.

The thing that different Spanish students in Spain all confirm, joining the fashion of the new technologies, is converting their lives into a fantastic story to tell us through their blog. Admirable as well as useful, it serves as a guide and example for those who in the future also decide to study Spanish in Spain. Start discovering through their eyes…and we are sure that you won’t be able to contain the desires to write your own story.

Expresiones españoles para Erasmus en apuros (in Spanish)

Idiomatic expressions in Spanish

This girl is the best testimony of learning Spanish “live” and goes way further than what they tell you in books, with her careful language and her unbreakable rules. To help thoses she herself calls “Erasmus in predicaments,” she makes a fantastic compilation of idiomatic sayings and expressions in Spanish, explaining their meanings.

A year of Erasmus…in Barcelona (Un anno in Erasmus…a Barcellona) (in Italian)

Learn Spanish-Spain-Barcelona

Aside from his opinions about the city and the unforeseen incidents of his stay, this Italian compiles in his blog, useful advise for the students who have recently arrived in Barcelona. From how to find a flat to how to manage yourself in the supermarket, how to use public transport and how function in a Spanish university.

My Spanish adventure


A story of a boy from London who traveled to Spain to learn Spanish fluently. Ajusting his budget he launched to discover all that the country could give him without having to spend more money than needed. It includes tricks and comments about resources and ways to learn Spanish.

Christine in Spain


Adventures of an American girl that after living for a few years in Seville, decided to move to the Basque Country. The wonders she finds are well illustrated through her photos. She also shares personal comments about her likes and preferences of the specialties of these lands of the North of Spain. For example her blog post about “Living in the Basque Country: what I love and what I hate”.

The Mole Diaries: Bilbao

Lucy spent a semester studying at the University of Deusto in Bilbao. In this blog, she sums up some of her impressions, gives a little advice about what not to miss and she tells a few tricks to make your stay easier to learn Spanish in Bilbao.


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