5 reasons to study Spanish in Bilbao

1.    It is an alternative tourist destination:
Barcelona, Seville, and Madrid are without doubt big cities with international atmospheres. They offer a multitude of alternative and fun options for learning Spanish. But you already know – if you are honest with yourself – that you will find natives of your own language. You know that you will start spending afternoons with them because you will feel “at home” and you know that this will not be any help to your learning Spanish.
Bilbao has the perfect combination. It is an international city but it has the advantage of being a discrete tourist destination. You can mix yourself with the natives and get away from people from your own country. This means that aside from just your Spanish classes, you can practice the language every day in the streets.

2.    It has breathtaking landscapes and nature:
Bilbao has a unique location. It is surrounded by mountains that offer hiking paths and incredible views, but it is also very close to the coast. The coast is well known by surfers, who love the Basque coast and resort to it often for its optimal conditions for catching waves. The majority of these beautiful places came easily be accessed by public transport.


3.    First class gastronomy:
If there is anything to do in Bilbao, that would be eating. On one hand there are pintxos, one of the most well-known gastronomic treats. But there’s not only pintxos. The Basque country is one of the top places of international gastronomy. That being said, the only requirement is to bring your hunger.


4.    The locals and the Basque culture:
It has been said…a Basque friend is a friend for life. The locals of Bilbao will make you feel like you’re at home (or even better.) They will welcome you in, they will talk loudly and quickly, they will embrace you, they will invite you to their house and invite you along to their plans with their group of friends. They will show you the best corners of the city and they will take you to drink in the best bars. They will take you to parties of the Basque towns and they will show you how to love the Basque culture.

5.    Our Spanish school:
Sincere, effective, and fun. We offer a variety of programs of Spanish courses in Bilbao so that you can pick the best one to fit your needs. We understand it is complicated to find yourself in another country but DON’T worry! We will help you with everything we can! You can enjoy yourself to the max of your experience in Bilbao and learn Spanish!

Our Spanish school in Bilbao is in the center of the city, a few minutes from the Plaza Unamuno in Casco Viejo. We offer a complete program of cultural activities completely free.


But if our opinion doesn’t seem sufficient…we aren’t the only one to say it! Take a look at the article 36 Hours in Bilbao in the New York Times and we are sure that it will also go to show that Bilbao is an exceptional destination to study Spanish.

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