Spanish Club in Bilbao


What is the Spanish Club in Bilbao?

The Spanish Club in Bilbao is a proposal of our Spanish school for all the Spanish students and for those interested in practicing Spanish spontaneously and naturally, who are looking for a reference group where to meet and have a good time.
All the team members of LINCE Spanish School have gone through the experience of learning a language abroad and we know that is not always easy to find people to share leisure time and practice Spanish outside the class. So we are delighted to become a meeting point for all of the Spanish learners who want to get out to enjoy the life in the city, meet new people and casually improve their fluency in Spanish.
In short: the Spanish Club in Bilbao is a group. A group of people who learn Spanish and wantto do some group activities to have fun while talking in Spanish.

How does the Spanish Club in Bilbao works?

LINCE Spanish School offers a monthly activity calendar. Among our suggestions you will find cultural activities, concerts and exhibitions, visits to nearby places, a Spanish movie session, an Ukele workshop or just a meeting to go to pintxos. Anything that can be done in Bilbao any given day, but of course that is best done together and in Spanish.
To keep up to date about the monthly program of the Spanish Club in Bilbao, you just need to visit this page, where we will provide you with all the details.

How do I participate in an activity of the Spanish Club?

It’s easy! The Spanish Club is a club open to all who want to join us, the more we get together, the more funny it will be the meeting.
The only requirement is that you inform us in advance for those activities in which a notification date is set, so that we can organize them properly.
And of course, it goes without saying that you can participate in all the activities or only in those you like.