Spanish Lessons- Irregular Present Subjunctive (2)

We are talking again about the Present Subjunctive in Spanish and as you already know, so that you can follow this aspect of Spanish at your own rhythm, we invite you to follow our video series about the Spanish Subjunctive.

Irregular Present Subjunctive (2)

In this lesson we will continue to talk about the formation of the Present Subjunctive, but with another type of irregular verbs: verbs with the irregular first person (yo) in the Present Indicative.

The first thing is to remember that for the formation of the Present Subjunctive, we can think of the Present Indicative. Alright, so there are a few verbs (such as: poner, venir or traducir) whose first person (yo), is irregular in this tense.


Great, now to form the Present Subjunctive of these verbs, we do it with the first person irregular.


*A few other irregular verbs of this tense in Present Subjunctive are for example tener, salir, valer, conocer. We start by making a change in the corresponding vowel: a > e for –AR  verbs and e>a  for –ER /–IR verbs.


And from the first person, we make the conjugation of the rest of the verb:


To review, for forming the Present Subjunctive of irregular verbs (thosw who have the first person irregular in the Present Indicative -yo-), we make the conjugation based on the first person conjugation.


   Lucía quiere que yo ponga la mesa – Lucy wants me to set the table

   Los estudiantes esperan que yo venga contenta – The students hope that I come happy

   El profesor me pide que traduzca el texto – The teacher asked for me to translate the text

   Tu amigo espera que tengas cuidado con la situación – You friend hopes you are careful with the situation

   Yo no quiero que salgas tan tarde – I don’t want to leave so late

   No creen que mi coche valga tanto – They don’t think my car is worth much


If you still have doubts about the Subjunctive, don’t miss our series of videos about the Spanish Subjunctive.

To review the content, you can do it with the following video:

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