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The Spanish courses around Spain are made for everyone who during thier stay in our country, aside from studying Spanish, want to visit different cities of Spain and do a little bit of tourism.

The program is a unique opportunity to enjoy learning Spanish through immersion and to discover the incredible richness of the Spanish culture. You could go through the geography from the north to the south and the east to the west without having to give up any of your Spanish course.


What does the “Spanish courses around Spain” program consist of?

The Spanish courses around Spain consist of doing a Spanish course in Bilbao and afterwards, going to another city in Spain where you will continue your course. This way your Spanish course is the very begining of your adventure. You can extend your course how ever many cities in Spain that you would like and choose the duration that you will stay in each one.

In LINCE Spanish School we give you the information necessary and we design the travel route with you so that you arrive at your destination without any complication. Once there, we know that you will be in good hands to continue your Spanish course as well as discovering the city.


“Spanish courses around Spain” program details:

  • Start of program: any Monday of the year
  • Duration: any amount of weeks you want
  • Quality Spanish schools
  • Spanish courses of 20 hours/sessions per week
  • Didactic material included
  • Cultural activity program
  • Certification of course
  • Possibility of housing in Bilbao and/or the other cities. Confirm availability!
  • Price: depends on the cities chosen and whether or not you choose hoursing.

Contact us for estimate!


Destinations of the Spanish Courses around Spain

Get to know a little more about the Spanish cities where you can do your course:


Madrid is the capital of Spain and is a vibrant and cosmopolitan city with an incredible cultural, artistic, and gastronomic offer. Here we recommend to you the first 50 things to do in Madrid but as soon as you arrive there, you will discover that there are many more! If you’re stuck without an idea you can also visit the page of Turismo de Madrid.

Spanish Courses in Madrid

Doing a Spanish course in Madrid means getting to know the roots of the Spanish tradition and experience in first person this mix of tradition and modernity that combines in the city. Our collaborating Spanish school in Madrid is located in the proximity of Paseo de la Castellana and enjoys comfortable ammenities to make you feel at home during your Spanish course in Madrid.



Barcelona is one of the most visited cities in Spain. It is situated on the coast and enjoys a agreeable climate throughout the whole year. Not forgetting traditions, but at the same time it breathes the Vanguardist atmosphere. In the streets there are big names of Modernism (like Dali and Gaudi) in its bars one notices an international atmosphere and in its suburbs, nature and the incredible coast awaits. Barcelona is a unique European city. Here we give you 20 things to do in Barcelona so that you are preparted for your visit to the city.

 Spanish Courses in Barcelona

A magnificent oppurtunity to learn Spanish mixing yourself with the mulitcultural spirit of the city. Our collaborating Spanish school in Barcelona is located in the precious Barrio de Gracia near Gaudi’s famous Parc Guell, a zone with it’s own bohemian life and atmosphere. With more tan 15 years of experience and their exquisit personal attention, you can enjoy your Spanish course in Barcelona without worry about anything.



Valencia is a Spanish city situated on the edge of the Mediterranean. With its beaches and busy night life, Valencia offers visitors interesting museums and monuments, fantastic parks and gardins, a coast with incredible beaches and a busy night life. Its Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias, a complex scientific and cultural free space is to be enjoyed with friends or solo. If it still doesn’t seem enough, take a look at What to Visit in Valencia.

Spanish Course in Valencia

Our collaborating school in Valencia enjoys a central location and fantastic ammenities (with a lounge, computers, didactic materials at your disposal and more.) They have a friendly faculty that will help you from the first moment so that your Spanish course in Valencia is incredible.



The city of Salamanca, in Castilla y Leon, is a unique place where architecture, tradition, and culture all mix. It recieved in 2002 the honor of European Capital of Culture, as well as the title of the Patron City of Humanity. In its suburbs you will find incredible medival towns where you can go back to another time. Don’t miss the 10 Essentials of Salamanca … and start to get to know your destination.

Spanish Course in Salamanca

If there is anything not missing in Salamanca it’s students. That’s why doing a Spanish Course in Salamanca is an experience that will fill you will new international friends. Our collaborating Spanish school in Salamanca has a long tradition, being founded in 1991 and since then, it hasn’t stopped teaching students, always with the best results.



This city of Andalucia breathes in the Arabic influence and is home to many marvalous things such as La Alhambra. In all of its corners there are traces of the mix of civilazations that passed through it and they captivat the visitors. Not far away you can also find Sierra Nevada, the stupended skiing location that is fantastic for many during the Winter. There are many options of what you can do in Granada. Estart discovering the 10 things you can’t miss in Granada.

Spanish Course in Granada

Our collaborating Spanish schools in Granada are schools with charm and close atmospheres while still offering máximum professionality. They are situated in the historic center, a stone’s throw away from emblomatic places such as La Alhambra or the Barrio del Albaicin. That way you will enjoy your Spanish course in Granada without any worry.


Sevilla is a happy and colorful city, capital of the community of Andalucia. To its visitors it offers sun, warmth and light, but also history, and folklore. Passing through its streets will surprise you with every step and rightly so, the combination of the principal monuments of Sevilla in 1987 declaired it Humanity Heritage Site by UNESCO. Before touching down there, give yourself a virtual tour and get to know the 10 essential views in Sevilla.

Spanish course in Sevilla

Your Spanish course in Sevilla will be an unforgetable experience thanks to the professionality of the facilities of our collaborating Spanish school in Sevilla. A unique location, an ideal atmosphere, a good teaching team and years of experience make the perfect combination for you to learn Spanish and submerse yourself in the Sevillan life.



This city in Andalucia is a great tourist attraction, especially because of its beaches, situated on the Costa del Sol. With a warm climate and many hours of sun, Málaga is also rich in history, which you can see in the architecture and its streets, the echoes of Arabs. We leave you with the 10 things to do in Málaga  so as to serve as an aperitif before your visit.

Spanish Course in Málaga

Doing a Spanish course in Málaga is an oppurtunity to enjoy the city in an authentic way and participate in all the traditions. To make all of this not be a worry to you, we are in contact with our collaborting Spanish school in Málaga: central location, comfortable ammenities, and exceptional courses.



The city of Cádiz, in Andalucia, is well known for its long and influencial history and for being the oldest city in western Europe. Get to know the city by piercing the alleyways, admiring its monuments and plazas and breathing the costal breeze, falling in love with it. If you still have doubts about the splendor of this destination, here you have the 10 corners of Cádiz to fall in love with.

Spanish Course in Cádiz

To make sure your Spanish course in Cádiz is incredible, we collaborate with the best Spanish school in Cadiz. Situtated in the center and with a long career path, the preference of our students shows every year it’s the best option. If you also want to learn Spanish and live the Cádiz life, don’t miss it!

If you want more details  about our  Spanish courses around Spain, contact us.