Learn Spanish in Bilbao…and many other things!

Learning Spanish in Bilbao is a unique adventure, a way to do it in the form of immersion like no other: being in direct contact with natives, participating in the parties and regional traditions (there are more than just a few) and discovering first hand, what no book will teach you. In LINCE Spanish School […]

Learn Spanish and discover the Hispanic Culture

#1 The Search for El Dorado To know a language is a lot more tan remembering the grammatical rules and new vocab. There are also other sides of the language that are very warming like getting to know the culture that surrounds it and, little by little, discovering the traditions that form it. We know […]

5 reasons to study Spanish in Bilbao

1.    It is an alternative tourist destination: Barcelona, Seville, and Madrid are without doubt big cities with international atmospheres. They offer a multitude of alternative and fun options for learning Spanish. But you already know – if you are honest with yourself – that you will find natives of your own language. You know that […]